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University of Waterloo

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RankingSchool NameProvinceCourses Ranked
1University of WaterlooOntario373

Course IdCourse NameOfferedVotersBirdiness
ECE 358Computer Networks23.00
112fine arts15.00
292 ITALST15.00
ACTSC 221Mathematics of InvestmentFall, Winter, Spring25.00
ACTSC 231Financial MathematicsFall, Winter, Spring142.00
ACTSC 232Intro to Actuarial MathematicsFall, Winter, Spring23.00
ACTSC 432Loss Model 2Fall, Winter, Spring15.00
AFM 101Introduction to Financial AccountingFall, Winter, Spring122.50
AFM 102Intro to Management Accounting42.00
AFM 123Financial And Managerial AccountingFall, Winter22.50
AFM 131MangementFall, Winter163.57
AFM121Introduction to Global Financial MarketsWinter41.00
AMATH 250Introduction to Differential Equations34.00
AMATH 250amath15.00
ANTH 102Introduction to Social and Cultural AnthropologyFall, Winter53.60
ARBUS 101Introduction to Business in North AmericaFall22.00
ARCH110Visual CommunicationFall15.00
ARTS 111CareersFall, Winter, Spring55.00
ARTS 301Introduction to the HumanitiesFall, Winter, Spring54.60
BIO 301Human AnatomyWinter15.00
BIO 331Advanced Cell BioWinter11.00
BIOL 110Introductory ZoologyFall21.50
BIOL 120BotanyWinter32.00
BIOL 130Introductory Cell BiologyFall, Spring63.17
BIOL 139genetics61.83
BIOL 150Organismal and Evolutionary EcologyFall15.00
BIOL 208Analytical Methods in Molecular BiologyFall, Spring31.67
BIOL 209Analytical Meth Molecular Biol15.00
BIOL 211Introductory Vertebrate ZoologyWinter, Spring15.00
BIOL 221Intro Vertebrate ZoologyWinter44.00
BIOL 241Introduction to Applied MicrobiologyWinter, Spring13.00
BIOL 250Organismal and Evolutionary EcologyFall15.00
BIOL 265diversity of life15.00
BIOL 273Human PhysiologyFall, Winter, Spring13.00
BIOL 303Introductory Developmental Biology and EmbryologyFall62.33
BIOL 330Molecular BiologyFall, Spring141.72
BIOL 331Advanced Cell BiolWinter11.00
BIOL 342Molecular Biotechnology 1Fall12.00
BIOL 345Microorganisms in FoodsFall11.00
BIOL 346Microbial Ecology and DiversityWinter12.00
BIOL 350Ecosystem Ecology15.00
BIOL 359EvolutionFall, Winter43.00
BIOL 383tropical ecosystemsFall15.00
BIOL 439Environmental and Natural Products BiochemistryFall25.00
BIOL 441ImmunologyWinter13.00
BIOL 444Microorganisms and DiseaseFall23.00
BIOL 462Applied Wetland ScienceFall13.00
BIOL 483Animal Cell BiotechnologyFall24.00
CHE 102Chemistry for EngineersFall83.63
CHE 572Air Pollution ControlWinter13.00
CHEM 120The stoichiometry of compounds and chemical reactions. Properties of gases. Periodicity and chemicalFall64.67
CHEM 123Chemical Reactions, Equilibria and KineticsWinter, Spring33.00
CHEM 140LChemistry Lab for CoopWinter104.40
CHEM 212Structure and BondingWinter, Spring62.17
CHEM 221Multi-Component AnalysisWinter, Spring44.50
CHEM 237Biochemistry15.00
CHEM 266Organic ChemistryFall182.44
CHEM 267Organic Chemistry 2Winter52.40
CHEM 313Physical BiochemistryWinter24.00
CHEM 360Organic Chemistry 3Fall, Winter23.00
CHEM 363Industrial Organic ChemistryWinter31.67
CIV E 125Civil Engineering Concepts IFall15.00
CIV E 127Statics and Solid Mechanics IWinter, Spring13.00
CLAS 100Introduction to Classical StudiesFall15.00
CLAS 104Classical Mythology64.33
CLAS 105An Introduction to Medieval StudiesFall, Winter14.00
CLAS 201Ancient Greek SocietyFall, Winter, Spring15.00
CLAS 202Ancient Roman SocietyFall, Winter, Spring74.15
CO 250OptimizationFall, Winter, Spring15.00
CO 350Linear OptimizationFall, Winter, Spring23.00
CO 430Algebraic EnumerationFall33.33
CO 471Semidefinite OptimizationSpring15.00
CO 481quantum computingWinter15.00
CO372Portfolio Optimization11.00
CS 100Introduction to Computer UsageFall, Winter, Spring174.23
CS 115CS 11593.00
CS 134Principles of Computer ScienceFall, Winter, Spring92.11
CS 135Designing Functional ProgramsFall, Winter, Spring92.67
CS 136CS 13615.00
CS 145Design, Abstraction, ImplementationFall44.00
CS 200Advanced Computer UsageFall, Winter, Spring43.00
CS 230Introduction to Computers and Computer SystemsFall, Winter, Spring13.00
CS 240Data Structures and Data ManagementFall, Winter, Spring191.58
CS 241Foundations of Sequential ProgramsFall, Winter, Spring62.83
CS 245Logic and ComputationFall, Winter, Spring82.25
CS 246Software Abstraction and Specification23.50
CS 246 (CS 246SE)Software Abstraction and SpecificationFall, Winter, Spring12.00
CS 247Software Abstraction and SpecificationSpring22.50
CS 330Management Information SystemsFall, Winter, Spring104.10
CS 338Comp App in Business DatabasesFall, Winter, Spring13.00
CS 341AlgorithmsFall, Winter, Spring33.33
CS 348Introduction to Database ManagementFall, Winter, Spring14.00
CS 349UIFall, Winter, Spring15.00
CS 350Operating SystemsFall, Winter, Spring112.73
CS 365Models of ComputationWinter15.00
CS 370Numerical ComputationFall, Winter, Spring11.00
CS 430Applications Software EngFall, Winter14.00
CS 432Business Systems AnalysisFall, Winter, Spring13.00
CS 444Compiler ConstructionWinter25.00
CS 452Real Time ProgrammingFall, Winter, Spring314.09
CS 456Computer NetworksFall, Winter, Spring25.00
CS 467Quantum ComputingWinter23.00
CS 480Information Systems ManagementWinter15.00
CS 488Introduction To Computer GraphicsFall44.00
CS 492Social Implication of ComputingWinter25.00
EARTH 123Introductory HydrologyFall22.50
EARTH 231MineralogyFall33.33
EARTH 235StratigraphyFall23.50
EARTH 238Structural GeologyWinter12.00
EARTH 260Applied Geophysics 1Fall22.00
EARTH 270Diasaters34.33
EARTH 281Geological Impacts on Human HealthWinter25.00
EARTH 444Wetland EcologyFall15.00
EARTH 458Physical Hydrogeology15.00
EASIA 201REast Asian CultureFall, Winter, Spring53.00
ECE 103Discrete MathFall, Winter42.00
ECE 105Physics for Electrical Engineers 1Fall11.00
ECE 124Digital CircuitsWinter, Spring11.00
ECE 140Linear CircuitsFall12.00
ECE 155Embedded Systems Fall, Winter, Spring11.00
ECE 209Electronic and Electrical Properties of Materials22.00
ECE 222Digital ComputersFall82.50
ECE 231ELectronic properties25.00
ECE 250Algorithms and Data StructuresFall, Winter73.57
ECE 251Compilers and TranslatorsFall14.00
ECE 254OSFall, Winter, Spring15.00
ECE 309Thermodynamics and Heat TransferSpring24.00
ECE 323MicroelectronisWinter15.00
ECE 332MicroelectronisWinter35.00
ECE 391Engineering Design Concepts15.00
ECON 101Introduction to MicroeconomicsFall, Winter, Spring233.96
ECON 102Introduction to MacroeconomicsFall, Winter, Spring133.39
ECON 201Microeconomic Theory 1Fall, Winter, Spring43.25
ECON 211Mathematics for EconomicsFall, Winter23.00
ECON 220The Principles of EntrepreneurshipFall, Spring44.75
ECON 221Statistics for EconomistsSpring22.50
ECON 231Introduction to International EconomicsFall, Winter, Spring52.40
ECON 301intermediate microeconomicsSpring43.25
ECON 311mathematical economicsSpring24.00
ECON 344Marketing: Principles of Marketing and Consumer EconomicsFall, Winter, Spring24.50
ECON 371Business Finance IFall, Winter, Spring23.00
ECON202Macro economicsSpring62.67
ENGL 101AIntro to Literary StudiesFall15.00
ENGL 102BMajor Forms of Literature: Novel and PoetryFall34.67
ENGL 104Rhetoric in Popular CultureFall, Winter, Spring15.00
ENGL 108DDigital Lives15.00
ENGL 108EWomen in Literature24.00
ENGL 109MIntroduction to Academic Writing (Math)Fall, Winter, Spring34.33
ENGL 119English Communication for CS MajorsFall, Winter35.00
ENGL 140RThe Use of English 115.00
ENGL 201The Short Story14.00
ENGL 208CChildren's Literature StudiesSpring24.50
ENGL 210English for Business15.00
ENGL 210EGenres of Technical Communication 15.00
ENGL 210FGenres of Business CommunicationFall, Winter, Spring83.62
ENVE 100Environmental Engineering Concepts 1Fall14.00
ENVS 195Introduction to Environmental StudiesFall, Winter25.00
ERS 203Environment & Development on a Global PerspectiveSpring13.00
ERS 215Environmental and Sustainability Assessment IWinter15.00
ERS 250Greening the Campus and CommunityFall15.00
ERS 317Waste ManagementWinter12.00
ESL 102RIntroduction to Error Correction in WritingFall, Winter, Spring14.00
FINE 120Fundamentals of Visual Art 1Fall, Winter, Spring15.00
FINE 253Film and the Quest for Meaning 2Fall, Winter, Spring25.00
FR 151Basic French 1Fall, Winter, Spring164.01
FR 192AFrench Language 1: Module 1Fall, Winter, Spring73.29
FR 192BFrench Language 1: Module 2Fall, Winter, Spring11.00
GENE 121Digital ComputationFall, Winter, Spring23.50
GENE 123Electrical Engineering Circuits12.00
GENE 411Engineering Law and EthicsFall, Spring14.00
GEOGwildlife and resource management15.00
GEOG 100Introduction to GeographyFall15.00
GEOG 101Geography and Human HabitatFall, Winter35.00
GEOG 233Geography of TourismFall23.50
GEOG 255GIS23.00
GEOG 271Earth from Space Using Remote SensingWinter15.00
GEOG 300Geomorphology of Southern OntarioFall14.00
GEOG 387Spatial DatabaseWinter12.00
GER 100Introduction to Popular Culture15.00
GER 101Elementary German IFall, Winter, Spring73.57
GER 201Intermediate German IFall, Winter15.00
GER 271German Thought and CultureFall24.50
GER 272German Thought and Culture34.67
HIST Vietnam War and American Society15.00
HIST 102War and Society in Europe, 1914-1945Winter21.50
HIST 110Western CivilizationFall, Winter44.25
HIST 113HIST 11315.00
HIST 130The Modern World in Historical PerspectiveFall, Winter12.00
HIST200History & FilmFall, Winter, Spring73.57
HISTORY 113history15.00
HLTH 101Introduction to Health Studies 1Fall33.00
HRM 200Basic Human Resources ManagementFall, Winter, Spring34.67
HUMSC 101Great Dialogues: Reflection and ActionFall, Winter14.00
INTST 101Introduction to International StudiesFall, Winter24.00
ISS 150RLifespan Processes: The Normal Events (Distance Education)Fall, Winter15.00
ITAL 101Introduction to Italian Language 1Fall15.00
ITALST 292italian civilization and culture13.00
JAPAN 101RFirst-Year Japanese 153.60
JAPAN 201Second-Year Japanese 1Fall, Winter14.00
KIN 100Human Anatomy: Limbs and Trunk15.00
KIN 301Anatomy of the CNSFall22.00
KIN 340MuskoskeletalWinter23.00
KIN 405Exercise ManagementFall11.00
KIN 456Cognitive Dysfunction and Motor Skill15.00
LAT101Latin 101Fall14.00
LS 101Introduction to Legal StudiesFall, Winter, Spring33.67
LS 102Criminal15.00
MATH 109Mathematics for AccountingFall, Winter22.00
MATH 114Linear Algebra for ScienceFall11.00
MATH 115Linear Algebra for EngineersFall72.71
MATH 118calculus 2Fall, Spring24.00
MATH 119Calculus II for engineersWinter, Spring15.00
MATH 127CalculusFall22.00
MATH 128Calculus 2 for the SciencesFall, Winter, Spring282.62
MATH 135Algebra for Honours MathematicsFall, Winter, Spring101.40
MATH 136Linear AlgebraFall, Winter, Spring22.00
MATH 137Caclulus 137Fall, Winter72.57
MATH 138Calculus for Honours Mathematics72.00
MATH 145Algebra (Advanced Level)Fall15.00
MATH 147Calculus for beginners15.00
MATH 148MathWinter15.00
MATH 213Advanced Mathematics for Software Engineers23.00
MATH 225Applied Linear Algebra 2Fall, Winter, Spring14.00
MATH 239Introduction to CombinatoricsFall, Winter, Spring162.06
ME 100Basic Princincples of Mechanical StructuresFall, Winter, Spring15.00
ME 269Electromechanical Devices and Power ProcessingFall, Winter33.33
ME 555cad15.00
MNS 101Materials and Nanosciences in the ModerndWorldFall14.00
MSCI 131Work Design and Faculties PlanningWinter15.00
MSCI 211organizational behaviourFall53.40
MSCI 261Managerial & Engineering EconomicsFall, Winter, Spring63.33
MSCI 311Organizational Design and TechnologyFall, Winter64.83
MSCI 436Decision Support SystemsWinter14.00
MSCI 442Information Technology and SocietyWinter15.00
MTHEL 100Commercial and Business Law for Mathematics StudentsFall, Winter43.75
MTHEL131Introduction to Actuarial PracticeFall, Winter12.00
MUSIC 100Understanding MusicFall23.50
MUSIC 111Fundamentals of Music TheoryFall, Winter, Spring33.67
MUSIC 140Popular Music and CultureFall, Winter83.62
MUSIC 245World Music15.00
MUSIC 246Film SoundtracksWinter14.00
NE 100Introduction to Nanotechnology EngineeringFall15.00
PACS 202Conflict ResolutionFall, Winter14.00
PHIL 100intro to phil24.50
PHIL 110Philosophy15.00
PHIL 145Critical ThinkingFall, Winter, Spring143.14
PHIL 215Professional and Business EthicsFall, Winter, Spring43.25
PHIL 224Environmental EthicsFall14.00
PHIL 226Ethics and the Life SciencesWinter25.00
PHIL 240Introduction to Formal LogicFall15.00
PHYS 111phsyics 111Fall104.01
PHYS 112Physics 2Winter22.50
PHYS 115Physics- Mechanics81.62
PHYS 121MechanicsFall52.60
PHYS 122Waves, Electricity and MagnitismWinter, Spring22.50
PHYS 124Modern PhysicsWinter11.00
PHYS 175Introduction to the UniverseWinter13.00
PHYS 256Geometrical and Physical OpticsWinter, Spring15.00
PHYS 275Astrophysics 1 - Planets and StarsWinter, Spring13.00
PHYS 381Quantum Physics32.33
PHYS 434Quantum Phys 3Fall12.00
PHYS 480Radiation BiophysicsFall24.00
PLAN 100The Evolution of PlanningFall13.00
PLAN 102Professional Communication in Environmental StudiesFall15.00
PLAN 103Planning, Administration, and FinanceWinter14.00
PLAN 104Perspectives on Planning15.00
PMATH 330Introduction to Mathematical LogicFall, Winter, Spring22.50
PMATH 351Real AnalysisFall, Spring23.00
PMATH 352Complex AnalysisWinter, Spring13.00
PMATH 453Functional AnalysisFall33.67
PMATH 465Differential GeometryWinter15.00
PMATH 467Cohomology of Quantum Clifford AlgebrasFall, Winter, Spring75.00
PMATH 900Topics in Algebra: Special Algebraic StructuresWinter35.00
PMATH 911Stability TheoryWinter15.00
PORT 101PORT35.00
PORT 102PORT15.00
PSCI 101Introduction To Political IdeasFall22.50
PSCI 110psci15.00
PSCI 259psci24.00
PSCI 264American Government & Politics24.00
PSCI 281World PoliticsFall, Spring21.50
PSCI 314Quantitative AnalysisWinter11.00
PSCI 358Political Change in Greater ChinaFall14.00
PSCI226Classics in Political Thought21.50
PSCOMM 101Public Speaking15.00
PSYCHpsychWinter, Spring15.00
PSYCH 354Interpersonal Relations (Distance Education)Spring25.00
PSYCH 101Introductory PsychologyFall, Winter, Spring293.80
PSYCH 211Developmental PsychologyFall, Winter43.75
PSYCH 212Educational Psychology14.00
PSYCH 218Psychology of Death and DyingFall, Winter13.00
PSYCH 222RCross-Cultural PsychologyFall, Winter, Spring15.00
PSYCH 232psychology of evil12.00
PSYCH 253Social PsychFall, Winter14.00
PSYCH 256Introduction to Cognitive ScienceFall, Winter, Spring122.92
PSYCH 257PsychopathologyFall, Winter34.00
PSYCH 261Physiological PsychologyFall, Winter42.25
PSYCH 338Organizational PsychologyFall, Winter25.00
PSYCH 461Honours Seminar in Behavioural NeuroscienceFall, Winter, Spring15.00
REC 100Introduction To Recreation and LeisureFall, Winter54.80
REC 101Recreation and Leisure StudiesFall, Winter, Spring15.00
REC 205Recreation25.00
REC 252Therapeutic Rec - Physical DisabilitiesWinter14.00
REC 280Introduction to TourismFall, Winter, Spring74.85
REC 380Tourism AnalysisFall15.00
REES271Russian Thought and CultureSpring14.00
RS 100AReligions of the EastFall, Winter, Spring43.50
RS 100LEvilFall, Winter, Spring34.00
RS 110Religions of the WestFall, Winter, Spring24.50
RS 121Evil (New Course Code)Fall, Winter, Spring83.87
RS 180Love and FriendshipFall, Winter, Spring33.33
RUSS 101Elementary Russian 1Fall22.00
SCI 206The Physics of How Things WorkFall35.00
SCI 238Introductory AstronomyWinter, Spring83.00
SCI 240how things work15.00
SCI 250Environmental GeologyWinter15.00
SCI 462biology of food productionFall15.00
SDS 150RSocial Developmental StudiesFall15.00
SDS 210Children's rights in CanadaWinter15.00
SDS 231Social Policy IntroFall15.00
SE 212Logic and ComputationFall21.00
SE 240Algorithms and Data StructuresSpring32.33
SI 102Intermediate ArabicFall15.00
SMF 204Intro to Human Sexuality34.33
SOC 101Introduction to SociologyFall, Winter113.54
SOC 102Sociology and inequalitiesFall13.00
SOC 207Sociology of EducationFall, Winter15.00
SOC 321Class Status and PowerFall14.00
SOCIOLOGY 101sociology15.00
SPAN 101Introduction to Spanish 1Fall, Winter, Spring45.00
SPAN 221The Civilization of MexicoFall, Winter, Spring13.00
SPCOM 111Leadership, Communication, and CollaborationWinter42.00
SPCOM 223Public SpeakingFall, Winter, Spring73.00
SPCOM100speech communication15.00
SPCOMM 101Speach Communication15.00
SPCON 233speech communication15.00
STAT 202Statistics for the Life SciencesFall, Winter92.89
STAT 206Statistics for Software EngineersFall22.50
STAT 211Introductory Statistics and Sampling for AccountingWinter71.57
STAT 230ProbabilityFall, Winter, Spring52.80
STAT 231StatisticsWinter53.20
STAT 340Computer Simulation of Complex Systems15.00
STAT 433stochastic processFall15.00
STAT430Experimental DesignFall, Spring13.00
STATSSTATS 211Winter21.00
STV 100Society, Technology and Values24.50
STV 205Cybernetics and SocietyWinter25.00
STV 302Information Technology and SocietyWinter11.00
SYDESystems Design Engineering15.00
SYDE 142Introduction to Human SystemsSpring24.50
SYDE 261Design, Systems and SocietyWinter34.00
VCULT101Art History and Visual Culture 15.00
WS 101introductory to women studies15.00
WS 205woman studies15.00

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