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York University

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RankingSchool NameProvinceCourses Ranked
3York UniversityOntario151

Course IdCourse NameOfferedVotersBirdiness
1000meaning of lifeSpring15.00
1010introduction to sociology15.00
1085piano for nonmajor24.00
1520Acting for Non-MajorsFall15.00
1530rock and popular music15.00
1580Women and Popular MusicFall, Winter44.75
1825Laws and Morality15.00
1840Science Technology and the Environment15.00
2040Sociological Theory15.00
3660Business Ethics and Corporate Social ResponsibilityFall, Winter, Spring15.00
ADMS 1000Introduction to Administrative StudiesFall, Winter, Spring43.50
ADMS 1010Business in the Canadian Context23.00
ADMS 2200Introduction to Administrative StudiesSpring15.00
ADMS 2320Into to StatisticsFall11.00
ADMS 2400intro to organizational behaviour25.00
ADMS 2500Intro to financial accountingFall, Winter, Spring12.00
ADMS 3135Gender Issues in Management13.00
ADMS 3210Consumer BehaviourFall, Winter15.00
ADMS 3353Project ManagementFall, Winter14.00
ADMS 3400occupational health and safetyFall, Winter, Spring14.00
ADMS 3440Leadership and Management SkillsFall, Winter24.50
ADMS 3450Employment Equity and DiversityFall, Winter45.00
ADMS 3530FinanceFall15.00
ADMS 3585Intermediate Accounting15.00
ADMS 3810Introduction to Real estateFall, Winter15.00
ADMS 3930ManagementFall, Winter15.00
ADMS 4540Financial13.00
ADMS2510Management Accounting15.00
AK/SOSC 1920Male-Female RelationshipsFall, Winter22.00
AKSOSC1860Communication and Mass MediaFall, Winter15.00
ANTH 1110Intro to AnthropologyFall, Winter25.00
ANTH 2170Sex, Gender and the Body14.00
AP 1700Professional Writing: Process and PracticeFall15.00
AP/MODR 1770 Techniques of PersuasionFall, Winter15.00
AP/PHIL 1100 3.00The Meaning of Life15.00
AP/PHIL 2500 3.0Gender, Power and Oppression: Introduction to Feminist Philosophy Winter15.00
AP/SOSC 13Introduction to Business and Society12.00
AS/SOCI 1010 6.00Sociological PerspectivesFall, Winter25.00
ASL 1000Level 1: American Sign LanguageFall, Winter12.00
BIOL 1010BiologyFall, Winter, Spring32.33
BIOL 2020Biochemistry & Cell Biology IFall42.50
BIOL 4000Honours ThesisFall, Winter, Spring14.00
BIOL 4092biotechnology15.00
BIOL1000Introduction to BiologyFall, Winter, Spring14.00
CHEM 1000Intro To chemFall, Winter, Spring31.00
CHEM 1001ChemFall, Winter, Spring11.00
CHEM 3020Organic Chemistry IIFall15.00
COMN2314Media, Culture and SocietySpring15.00
CSCComputer science15.00
CSE 1019Discrete MathFall, Winter25.00
CSE 1020Introduction to Computer Science I15.00
CSE 1520Computer FundamentalsFall, Winter13.00
CSE2031software toolsFall, Winter, Spring21.00
DANC 1500The Dance ExperienceFall, Winter15.00
DANC 1900Dance, Film and CultureWinter15.00
ECON 1000Principles of MicroeconomicsFall, Winter, Spring43.75
ECON 1010Intro to MacroeconomicsFall, Winter23.00
EN 1001Introduction to Literary Studies14.00
ENVS 1000Earth in Our Hands: Introduction to Environmental StudiesFall, Winter14.00
ENVS 1200Taking Action: Engaging People and the EnvironmentFall, Winter14.00
FA/FILM 17Hollywood: Old and NewWinter24.00
FA/MUSI 15Gospel ChoirFall15.00
FA/THEA 15Acting for Non-Majors IFall, Winter, Spring15.00
FA/YSDN 10Introduction to Design: Practice and Appreciation (for non-majors)Winter15.00
GEOG 1000World GeographyFall, Winter15.00
GEOG 2030Global Environmental ChangeFall15.00
GEOG 3010Canadian GeographyFall, Winter11.00
GEOG1410Human GeographyFall, Winter15.00
HLST 1010Intro to health studiesFall15.00
HND 1000Elementary Hindi-UrduFall, Winter14.00
HREQ 1800Childhood & SocietyFall, Winter12.00
HRM2600human resources managementFall, Winter, Spring32.67
HUMA 1100Worlds of Ancient Greece and RomeFall, Winter15.00
HUMA 1105 9.0Myth and Imagination in Ancient Greece and Rome15.00
HUMA 1115Transformations of Ancient LiteratureFall, Winter25.00
HUMA 1125Civilization of Medieval and Renaissance EuropeFall, Winter13.00
HUMA 1160Enlightenment and Human UnderstandingFall, Winter14.00
HUMA 1200context of canadian culture14.00
HUMA 1625Fantasy and topographies of Imagination15.00
HUMA 1825Law and Morality Fall, Winter15.00
HUMA 1970Worlds of ChildhoodFall, Winter, Spring14.00
HUMA 2602Persian Culture: A Semiotic Perspective Fall, Winter14.00
HUMA 2680Early Times: Literature and the Imagination of the ChildFall, Winter15.00
ITEC 1010Information and OrganisationFall, Winter, Spring15.00
KINE 1000sociocultural perspectives in kinesiologyFall, Winter15.00
KINE 2475Coaching: The Art and ScienceFall, Winter13.00
MATH 1013CalculusFall, Winter, Spring13.00
MATH 1200problem, proof and conjectureFall, Winter14.00
MATH 1505Calculus for Biology and MedicineFall15.00
MATH 1510Introduction to Math Calculus12.00
MODR 1760MODR 176015.00
MODR 1770Techniques of PersuasionFall, Winter21.50
MUSI 1530Rock and PopFall, Winter15.00
NATS 1510The History of the EnvironmentFall15.00
NATS 1520Science and Technology of MusicWinter15.00
NATS 1570Science and Technology of MusicFall, Winter15.00
NATS 1610The Living BodyFall, Winter21.00
NATS 1660Biology of sexFall, Winter15.00
NATS 1675Human DevelopmentSpring14.00
NATS 1740AstronomyFall, Winter13.00
NATS 1750The Earth and the AtmosphereFall, Winter15.00
NATS 1780Weather and ClimateFall51.60
NATS 1870Understanding ColoursFall, Winter13.00
NATS 1880Life Beyond Earth25.00
NATS 1900Food, Science & TechnologyFall, Winter55.00
NATS 1910Food, Science, & TechnologyWinter24.00
NATS1754The History of AstronomyFall, Winter15.00
NATS1840Science,Technology, and the EnivronmentFall, Winter11.00
NATS1860Science: Past, Present and FutureFall, Winter15.00
NATS1950Earth and Its AtmosphereFall, Winter, Spring14.00
PHIL 1100The Meaning of LifeFall15.00
PHIL 2075Introduction to applied ethicsWinter15.00
PHIL 2250Philosophy of Gender and SexFall, Winter, Spring14.00
PHIL 3110Political15.00
POLS 1000Intro to Poli SciFall, Winter14.00
PSYC 20PSYCWinter15.00
PSYC 2020PSYC-Statistical I and IIFall, Winter33.00
PSYC 2030Introduction to Research MethodsWinter13.00
PSYC 2120Social PsychologyFall, Winter, Spring14.00
PSYC 2130PSYC-PersonalityFall12.00
PSYC 2210PSYC-LearningWinter12.00
PSYC 3480Psychology of Women15.00
PSYC3430Behaviour in Groups14.00
PSYCH 1010Psychology63.50
SC/NATS 1710 6.00The Nature and Growth of Scientific ThoughtFall, Winter15.00
SC/NATS 1760 6.00Science, Technology and SocietyFall, Winter, Spring14.00
SC/POLS 1090 3.00Introduction to Business, Government and Society54.20
SOCI 3060Classic and Contemporary Issues in Social PsychologyFall, Winter15.00
SOCI 3400Gender Population and MigrationFall, Winter15.00
SOSC 1040Power & Society: Critical Issues in Social ScienceFall, Winter24.50
SOSC 1350Women and the LawFall, Winter14.00
SOSC 1430Intro to Development StudiesFall, Winter13.00
SOSC 1510The Future of WorkFall, Winter15.00
SOSC 1520Markets and DemocracyFall, Winter24.50
SOSC 1700Women in canada15.00
SOSC 1800Childhood and SocietyFall, Winter15.00
SOSC 1801Health controversies15.00
SOSC 3430SOSC 343015.00
SOSC1000Introduction to Social ScienceWinter32.67
SOSC1740Work and SocietyFall, Winter, Spring23.00
VISA 2082Abstract Image MakingWinter14.00
X96E01introduction to financial accounting15.00

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