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Carleton University

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RankingSchool NameProvinceCourses Ranked
10Carleton UniversityOntario62

Course IdCourse NameOfferedVotersBirdiness
1902Natural HistoryFall, Winter23.00
AFRI 1001Intro to African StudiesFall33.33
ALDS 1001Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies IntroFall23.50
ASLA 1010American Sign LanguageFall, Winter13.00
BIOL 1010biotechnologyFall, Winter15.00
BIOL 1902Natural historyFall32.33
BIOL 2303MicrobiologyWinter14.00
BIOL 2903Natural HistoryWinter33.33
BUSI 1003Survey Of Accounting35.00
BUSI 2203Marketing14.00
BUSI 2503FInancial Management15.00
BUSI 2800Entrepreneurship15.00
BUSI 3102Intro to Human Resources MgmtFall, Winter14.00
BUSI 3502Investments32.33
BUSI 4002Advanced Accounting ProblemsFall44.00
CDNS 1000Intro to Canadian Studies15.00
CGSC 1001mysteries of the mindFall15.00
CHEM 1001First Year General Chem11.00
CHEM 1002Second Semester First Year General Chem11.00
CHEM 1003Chemistry Of Food, Health, Drugs, Nutrition15.00
CHEM 1101ChemistryFall, Winter33.33
CHST 1000Child Studies15.00
COMP 1001Intro to Computers for the Arts & Social SciencesFall, Winter73.71
COMP 1004Introduction to Computers for the SciencesFall, Winter14.00
ECON 1000Introduction to EconomicsFall, Winter12.00
ECON 3607monetary financial insitutions15.00
ECOR 1010Intro to Engineering22.00
ECOR 1101Mechanics11.00
ECOR 1606Problem SOlving And Computers14.00
ELEC 2501Basic Engineering CircuitsFall11.00
ELEC 3105Basic EMFall, Winter11.00
ENGL 1000Literature, Genre, ContextFall, Winter15.00
ERTH 1003Natural DisastersWinter15.00
ERTH 2415Natural DisastersWinter15.00
FILM1000Inroduction to Film StudiesFall, Winter13.00
FREN 1100Intermediate FrenchFall, Winter14.00
FREN1002Low Intermediate FrenchFall, Winter15.00
GEOG 1020people25.00
GEOG 2200Global Connections Fall15.00
INDG1000Indigenous studiesFall, Winter25.00
ISCI 2000Natural LawsWinter13.00
JAPA 1010First Year Japanese 1Fall15.00
MATH 1004Calculus13.00
MATH 1005Differential Equations CalculusFall, Winter23.00
MATH 1104Linear Algebra14.00
MUSI 1002Intro to Popular MusicFall, Winter42.00
PHIL 1200The Meaning of LIfe15.00
PHIL 2001Introduction to Symbolic LogicWinter14.00
PHYS 1003Fundamentals15.00
PHYS 1004Electromagnetism & Waves11.00
PHYS 1902From our Star to the CosmosWinter15.00
PSCI 2002Canadian Political EnvironmentFall, Winter13.00
PSYC 1001Introduction to psychology 1Fall23.00
PSYC 1002Intro to PsychologyFall, Winter91.89
RELI 2210Christianity15.00
RELI 2308Death and AfterlifeFall, Winter42.25
SOCI 1001Introduction to sociologyFall, Winter22.00
SOCI 2035Technology, Culture & SocietyFall15.00
SOWK 1000Introduction to Social WorkFall, Winter, Spring15.00
SYSC 2006asas15.00
TSES 2305Ancient Science and TechnologyFall, Winter24.00

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